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After Apple Picking by Robert Frost is Sensual Poetry

This website is about the sensual qualities of the poem After Apple Picking, by Robert Frost. It was created by J.T. Best after an extensive effort to have an interpretive essay published that elucidates the poem's often mentioned, but never explained, sexual connotations. The essay was written because those sexual connotations have, thus far, escaped delineation by any other writer.

Unfortunately, Mr. Best's essay regarding the sensual side of After Apple Picking, by Robert Frost has been, and continues to be, rejected by the mainstream literary world. That is no doubt partially because J.T. Best reveals After Apple Picking to be a bit chauvinistic, laced with sexual depth and filled with lust. So, standing alone, and consumed with the self-imposed desire to make those cryptic sexual connotations available, J.T. Best created this website for all the After Apple Picking enthusiasts who have an interest in how the sensual side of this particular Robert Frost poem might be revealed.

From a common sense approach After Apple Picking is much too banal a poem to have been written for the purpose of poetically reflecting upon the harvest of apples. From an analytical perspective the poem is a multi-level Robert Frost creation replete with sexual metaphors that are inescapable given a study of the entire poem. No single line or poetic phrase standing alone is decisive. In fact the sexual connotations embraced within the context of After Apple Picking become an entire sub-story that probably serves to titillate the subconscious of the reader. That is J.T. Best's main assertion as to why After Apple Picking possesses such "feel good" reader qualities.

          Reader comments are welcome regarding J.T. Best's journey into the depths of the Robert Frost psyche, for it was from there that he asserts the pen hand of Robert Frost was guided to write After Apple Picking. Should any readers choose to express themself in a reply, then please do so within the bounds of law and intellectual decency. Click on the bottom link to submit any such remarks for posting in the comments section of this site.

          Please be advised the essay on the following page describes the sexual connotations within Mr. Frost's apple tale in graphic detail and as such might rightfully be regarded as intellectual literature for adults only.

Many thanks to "Poems Niederngasse" for their expressed interest regarding the After Apple Picking essay about which they had kind words and to which they provided link in their Mar/April 06 ezine edition. Click here to go there:

Another Poetry Controversy
     Controversy is a frequent companion for J.T. Best who tells a similar story regarding another essay he wrote interpreting the famous Robert Browning poem entitled Porphyria's Lover. Incredibly, that poem has been vastly misinterpreted for over 150 years in that Porphyria's Lover has been regarded as a madman and sexual deviant when in fact his killing of Porphyria was based entirely upon an act of mercy i.e. euthanasia. But again, as with J.T. Best's take on After Apple Picking, the literary world initially took no interest in publishing the essay so again, it needed to be done. If interested in viewing an actual situation where over 150 years of literary experts got it wrong, go to:

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